Dog fouling

Nobody likes seeing dog muck in public places. As well as being unpleasant, it is potentially harmful and whilst the majority of dog owners are responsible and do pick up after their dog, a small number of people choose to ignore the rules.

Report dog fouling or an overflowing Dog-foul bin online (will open an e-form)


  • Download the Flintshire App! – report it using your mobile device. Submit anonymously or register. Benefits of registering include receiving updates on the progress of your report, ability to see all your previous reports and give feedback.
  • View the Streetscene telephone number and speak with an advisor.

What happens next?

Your report will be sent to our Streetscene team and dealt with by the relevant Area Coordinator. 

Fines and enforcement against dog fouling
If a dog fouls in a public place, then by law, the owner or person in charge of the dog at the time must clean up after it. This law is called the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005. A ‘public place’ means any area that is open to the air and which the public are entitled or have permission to have access (with or without payment). Some examples of the types of land covered by this Law are:

  • The highways (for example roads, pavements and footpaths)
  • Public open spaces 
  • Town centres and shopping precincts
  • Car parks
  • Playing fields
  • School playing fields (Under the terms of Education Act 1996, Section 547, any person who without lawful authority is present on school, grounds and premises, causes or permits nuisance or disturbance may be prosecuted.  This includes nuisance arising from dog fouling.)

It is an offence for those in control of dogs to allow fouling and then fail to remove their waste. Anyone that chooses to not clean up after their dog in Flintshire can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). The FPN charge for a ticket issued in Flintshire is £75 and they are issued as an alternative to prosecution. There is no reduction in charge for early payment. North Wales Police and Flintshire County Council Enforcement Team proactively work together to ensure that our communities stay safe and green, and that those who choose to ignore the law, pay the price.  Local authorities may also enact Dog Control Orders on relevant land after consulting on this issue.  Read Flintshire County Council's Dog Control Order.

Owners who bag the mess but then fail to put it into a bin, or take it home with them (i.e throwing it into a hedge, or hanging it from trees / gates) could face a maximum penalty of £2,500 for a littering offence.