Enquiries and Advice

Please visit our new website at: www.newa.wales 

In April 2020, Flintshire Record Office merged with Denbighshire Archives. North East Wales Archives, or NEWA for short, represents a new joint service for the counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire. We now have a new joint website, and this web-page will soon become obsolete.

At Flintshire Record Office we welcome enquiries about the types of records we hold and we will advise you how they can be used in your research.


We will check our indexes and catalogues for resources that may be relevant to your research.  However, if your enquiry could only be answered by looking at the documents themselves or would require a detailed search of the catalogues, we would ask you to visit us to carry out your research.

We have produced downloadable guides, which suggest and describe useful sources for popular areas of research.

If you are unable to carry out the research yourself we may be able to undertake a certain amount for you but this will be charged for at a standard market rate, with consideration to Information Legislation fees. If you are unable to visit the Record Office in person, you may wish to use our in-house Research Service, carried out by professional, trained staff. Please see the Record Office - Services page for further information.

You can contact us by e-mail: archives@flintshire.gov.uk, submit an enquiry online (will open an e-form) or by post. We would ask you to put all enquiries in writing where possible, rather than giving information over the telephone, as this will help us to answer your query more efficiently and accurately.