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School admission arrangements for 2019

Published: 16/03/2018

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to recommend approval school admissions arrangements for September 2019 on Tuesday, 20 March. The annual consultation exercise with school governors, diocesan authorities and neighbouring councils took place during January and February. It looked at the number of pupils which can be admitted to individual schools, based on nationally determined criteria and regulations. In Flintshire the vast majority (around 96%) of parental preferences continue to be met with a relatively low number of appeals. There are proposed changes to the admission numbers in two schools to reflect changes in accommodation. All changes have been approved by the relevant head teacher. The schools are Ysgol Glanrafon, Mold and Broughton Primary School. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Youth, Councillor Ian Roberts, said: “I am pleased that most children in Flintshire are, once again, able to attend the school of their choice. I would like to urge parents and carers to return their forms or online applications by the required date. I would also like to thank all those who took part in the recent consultation exercise and I am confident that the vast majority of parental preferences will continue to be met.”

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