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A new Enterprise Club for the Holywell area

Published: 26/04/2018

Following the success of the Shotton Enterprise Club, Communities for Work Plus is now introducing a new Flintshire Enterprise Club based in Holywell. The original Enterprise Club has helped many local people set up in business since its inception five years ago. The group advises people through its workshops on numerous benefits that can assist them in starting their business, it can also help providing them with the relevant mentor to guide and develop their business or business idea. The club is free to attend and invites speakers and advisors from other agencies. The sessions are always friendly, informative and full of energy, co-operation, inspiration and ideas! A variety of people attend - ranging from established businesses to brand new ideas – all looking for that next step. The new programme, which starts on 9 May from 1:30-3:30pm, is being held at Kim Inspire, The Hub, Park Lane, Holywell CH8 7UR. It will focus on support and networking opportunities and the workshops will be delivered by Sandra Donoghue “Mingle for Business” whose experience of working with the Shotton group has proven to be successful. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Councillor Derek Butler, said: “The Shotton Enterprise Club has proved to be a huge success over the years and it’s a really positive step to see a new Enterprise Club being set up in Holywell. I would encourage any business professionals and entrepreneurs to come along to the session to find out more – it really has something to offer everyone, whether you are just starting out or whether you are looking for support to take your next step.” If you would like to enrol, please contact Beverly Moseley at or 01244 846090.