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More Highway improvement programmes announced by Flintshire County Council

Published: 01/05/2018

Following the release of last week’s £1m + resurfacing programme, two further programmes of road improvements have now been confirmed. Flintshire County Council will commence work in June/July on a Highway Surface Dressing programme which will help improve the condition of County’s more rural roads. The programme which is valued at approximately £0.35m will see the eventual improvement of almost 20 predominantly rural roads across Flintshire. The surface dressing work will be preceded by a programme of carriageway patching which will also commence in June. The Council also plans to undertake three major highway improvement schemes on some of the busiest strategic road corridors in the County, in order to repair the roads following the damage caused by the severe winter weather. These major road schemes will include reconstruction of the road surface, kerbing and footway repairs and the replacement of the existing road markings. Street lighting upgrades will also take place on the routes if necessary. The work which in total is valued at £0.5m is planned for the following locations: A 549 Wylfa Hill in Mynydd Isa B 5129 Chester Road in Sandycroft A 548 Chester Road in Flint Both of these projects are funded from the Council’s own highway maintenance budget supported by grant funding from Welsh Government and together they bring the total level of investment on the local road network close to £2m in the current financial year. A final project to carry out highway repairs to the rural road network will be announced in the coming weeks following the inspections which have been carried out to assess the condition of all roads Flintshire officers. These inspections have ensured that the roads in most need of repair receive the attention they require. Details of all the programmes will be available on the Council’s website on Monday 30 April 2018 and all of the works are scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2018. Councillor Carolyn Thomas, Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Countryside said: “I am delighted to be able to announce two more highway repair projects which will benefit all of the communities in the County. The projects will help improve some of the strategically important road corridors which are key to the daily lives of many residents and help to improve some of our rural roads and lanes which are equally important to those residents who live in these areas. Four crews continue to filled in potholes throughout the County.”

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