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Parliamentary review of Health and Social Care

Published: 17/05/2018

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to consider a response to a Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care when it next meets later this month. The demand for health and social care has increased dramatically over the last 20 years, with changing needs, increased expectations and new forms of treatment and care expanding the provision. This has created a significant challenge for public services and this Parliamentary Review into Health and Social Care was established by Welsh Government to identify how public services might better anticipate and address the new demands being put upon them. The final report was published in January 2018 which made ten recommendations to Welsh Government as follows: 1. One seamless system for Wales - care should be organised around the individual and their family as close to home as possible 2. The Quadruple Aim for all - underpin the “one System” vision with four aims: work together to deliver clear outcomes, improved health and wellbeing, a cared-for workforce and better value for money. 3. Bold new models of seamless care – national principles, local delivery 4. Put the people in control – strengthen individual and community involvement 5. A great place to work - urgently align workforce 6. A Health & Care System that’s always learning 7. Harness innovation, and accelerate technology and infrastructure developments 8. Align system design to achieve results - Design the system better to achieve faster progress 9. Capacity to transform, dynamic leadership, unprecedented cooperation - increase capacity at a national level to drive transformation 10. Accountability, progress & pace – publish progress against the vision It concluded that Wales needs a different system of health and care, and that nobody should underestimate the scale of the challenge ahead. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Services, Councillor Christine Jones, said: “We welcome this Parliamentary Review and the support that it has provided in terms of our vision and strategic direction. The recommendations in the Review confirm our direction of travel and has given us renewed confidence in relation to our plans for the future.” The North Wales Regional Partnership Board (NWRPB), of which Flintshire County Council is a member, has been asked by Welsh Government to submit a response setting out priorities for the region and to identify strengths in terms of taking forward seamless models of health, care and well-being. Councillor Jones continued: “In preparation for this response, the NWRPB held a series of planning workshops and, whilst some excellent examples of good practice have been identified, including the proposed expansion of Marleyfield House Residential Care Home in Flintshire, we would agree with the Parliamentary Review that the pace of change is slow. “To speed this up, NWRPB has put forward suggestions which we hope to discuss with the Minister for Children and Social Care when he attends the NWRPB meeting in early July.”