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Code of Ethical Employment in supply chains

Published: 18/06/2018

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to adopt the Code of Ethical Employment in Supply Chains in partnership with the recognised trade unions when it meets on Tuesday 19 June. Welsh Government has produced the Code of Practice on Ethical Employment in Supply Chains to improve procurement practice in Wales and secure greater social benefit from public expenditure. All public sector bodies are encouraged to adopt the Code. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin, said: “Flintshire is a responsible and ethical public body and embraces the principles which underpin the Code. We will implement this code as far as is practicable and affordable in partnership with our local recognised trade unions and we encourage all our public sector and third partners to also adopt the Code. “As a socially responsible organisation, we seek to use our spending on works, goods and services to promote the local economy and, through the use of community benefits, causes which we support such as the provision of training and apprenticeships. The Council welcomes the commitments within the code of practice and the opportunity which they represent to further ensure that its procurement spend supports its aims and values.” The Code fits with the Council’s own practices and beliefs as a social responsible and ethical organisation and is designed to tackle: ? modern slavery ? blacklisting ? false self-employment ? unfair use of umbrella schemes and zero hours contracts ? paying the living wage The Council already has arrangements in place through its Contract Procedure Rules and procurement practices to prevent its suppliers from using many of these practices. The Code is an extension to current practice but the commitments required under the Code support the Council’s own values and principles.