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Flintshire employees get some self defence training

Published: 30/07/2018

2018-CE-0027-JS.jpgA local business which is a member of the Shotton Enterprise Club run by Communities for Work Plus is so impressed with the support they have received that they are giving something back.

Cobra Life Family Martial Arts Black Belt Academy ran a free basic street defence seminar recently for Communities for Work Plus and Care & Repair employees as well as other members of the Enterprise Club.

The two hour session focussed on basic knowledge of self-awareness and defence techniques against generic attacks, tips and tricks on how to not be targeted, how to avoid conflict and how to de-escalate aggressive situations and, if all else fails, know what to do if you are targeted.

Gavin Eastham has over 30 years’ experience in martial arts and has been teaching it for over 10 years.  He said:

“Our ethos isn't based on the traditional kicking and punching but rather on helping people develop their life skills and give families the ability to train and develop together.  We run a totally family oriented programme giving whole families the opportunity to be able to train together in a safe and welcoming environment.  Our programmes include bullying, stranger danger and emergency situation management.

“The Enterprise Club has supported me with advice on courses that could benefit the business and has provided me with networking opportunities to help me develop.  The sessions are always friendly, informative and full of energy, co-operation, inspiration and ideas and I would encourage anyone who is looking for that extra bit of help to get in touch.”

2018-CE-0028-JS.jpgPaula Vaughan Williams, who is also a member of the Enterprise Club and is about to launch her new business Pure Vegetable Well-being, attended the session and said:

“This was a great experience.  I was a bit nervous about signing up but really learnt a lot in this session.  The awareness and options for preparing yourself when you think you may be attacked were very helpful.  I thought it was really great and I highly recommend it.”

There are two Enterprise Clubs in Flintshire – one run in the “Place for You Centre”, Rowleys Drive, Shotton and one at Greenfield Business Centre.  There will be free enterprise club meetings for new start-up businesses throughout the summer months in Shotton and new workshops starting in September in Greenfield.  If you would like to enrol for either club or would like more information, please contact Beverly Moseley at  or 01352 704430.