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Telephone survey in Flintshire

Published: 02/10/2018

Flintshire County Council is conducting a telephone survey about retail habits.

NEMS Market Research has been commissioned to conduct the survey, which began on 26 September 2018.

We understand there has been confusion about the legitimacy of this survey and we would like to apologise for the Council’s part in adding to that confusion. 

We would like to reassure residents that this is not a scam and encourage as many people as possible to take part.  The information being collected is part of a Retail Capacity Study to help build an understanding of the shopping habits of Flintshire residents.  The outcomes of the survey will help to shape the Local Development Plan. 

The survey is aimed at the person in the household who usually does the shopping.  Questions will relate to food and non-food shopping and will take around six to seven minutes to complete.

The households chosen to take part in the survey have been randomly selected. No personal information is collected and calls may occur during the day, evening or at the weekend. 

If you would like any further clarification on the survey please call 01352 703213 to speak to an officer in the Planning Policy Team.

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