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Public Services Board update

Published: 17/12/2018

Cabinet members will be asked to note the progress that Flintshire Public Services Board (PSB) has made to date.

The PSB is a partnership of public bodies working together, made up of four public bodies (Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Flintshire County Council, Natural Resources Wales and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service) as well as other local organisations.

The PSB Well-being Plan was adopted by County Council in April this year and has been developed alongside the Council Plan and provides a strong alignment and “fit” with the priorities.

The PSB has had some excellent results in its first six months, with all partners working well together on the priorities of the Well-being Plan.

All organisations are working well together demonstrating creativity, willingness and accountability within a strong leadership framework.

The high level aim of the Flintshire PSB is to “protect, sustain and improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Flintshire through collaborative working as a single public service”.

The priority areas in the Well-being Plan are below with some of the achievements also listed:

  • Community Safety

    • All high risk domestic abuse cases are reviewed each morning to ensure ownership which aligns to a detective resource.

    • Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPN) use in North Wales is greater than other Welsh forces. Work is underway to evaluate what impact this is having on domestic abuse cases and repeat victimisation.

    • The Modern Day Slavery Unit are actively raising awareness and promoting intelligence sharing.

    • Child Criminal Exploitation continues to be monitored in Flintshire.  

  • Environment

    • A start has been made on producing a “map” of our green and blue (land and sea) assets across the County with a green asset mapping being produced by COFNOD (North Wales Environmental Information Service), this will allow the PSB to determine which areas they may want to use as pilot areas for further work.

  • Healthy and Independent Living

    • Good progress is being made on the development in Buckley of an extended Care Home (Marleyfield House).

    • A new Health and Well-being Care Centre opened in in Flint.

    • Opening of the County’s third Extra Care Scheme – Llys Raddington in Flint and start of the fourth in Holywell.

    • The Early Help Hub is a huge success and was recently recognised at North Wales Police Problem Oriented Partnerships (POP) Awards

  •  Resilient Communities
    • This is work in areas with a focus on communities including:
      • The Holway, in Holywell where there is a large multi-agency Task Group active in the community on an ongoing basis.

      •  Discussions are ongoing within the Flint project team to define the combined purpose of the Flint Castle visitor centre, the rugby and football club and the lifeboat centre.

 Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin and Chief Executive, Colin Everett, who is also Chair of the Flintshire PSB, said:

“These are just some of the promising results that are coming from the PSB.  It goes to show what can be achieved when public service organisations come together and work in harmony for the good of our local communities. 

 “The PSB will also be supporting a regional conference Town and Community Councils to understand how the PSB can work with them to improve well-being in their local area.”

 The PSB will publish its first annual report by July 2019.