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Council Plan Update 2019/20

Published: 11/04/2019

The Council Plan Part 1 for 2019/20 is set to be endorsed by Cabinet at its meeting on Tuesday 16 April.

Every local authority is required to publish an annual Council Plan, and this sets out the Council’s aims and objectives for 2019/20.

The Plan has been reviewed and refreshed.  The super-structure of the Plan remains the same as previous plans but now has an additional theme of ‘Safe and Clean’ to make seven priorities and relevant sub priorities, rather than six. The seven themes continue to take a long term view of projects and ambitions over the next three years.  They are:

  • Caring Council
  • Ambitious Council
  • Learning Council
  • Green Council
  • Connected Council
  • Serving Council
  • Safe and Clean Communities

Endorsement of Part 1 of the Plan is recommended with both Parts 1 and 2 (the detailed measures and milestones document) to be adopted by the County Council in June. 

Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin, said:

"This Plan sets out our key priorities to support and enhance residents’ lives. We continue with some of our priorities for example, expanding the provision of affordable homes for residents in need; protecting people from poverty; enabling people to live independently and well at home, whilst avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital; working with partners to sustain economic growth and increase employment opportunities and developing the county transport infrastructure.” 

“In addition to these priorities, we aim to continue the work of supporting children and young people to achieve their potential; enhancing the natural environment and promoting access to open and green spaces."

Colin Everett, Chief Executive of the Council, said:

“Our priorities are set with great thought. We aim to balance meeting the needs of local communities with meeting the expectations of Welsh Government for the people of Wales. We have a really strong track record in achieving our ambitions year on year. Despite the very tough financial times we still aim high, and plan to have another year of good performance and attainment across education, social services, housing and our full set of services.”

The final Council Plan will be available on the website before the end of June.

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