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Council Tax discounts welcomed

Published: 15/04/2019

This week, Welsh Government in partnership with Welsh Local Authorities and Martin Lewis from – the UK’s biggest consumer website, set out to raise awareness of Council Tax discounts for residents, especially those who suffer from severe mental impairments.

Flintshire County Council welcomes this announcement and is very supportive of encouraging residents to apply for this discount.

The Council already supports 527 residents with a reduction in their Council Tax as a result of having a severe mental impairment. 342 residents receive a 25% reduction in their Council Tax and 185 are completed exempt from paying Council Tax.

The continued promotion of this scheme will now help to increase take-up rates even further through a combination of increased public awareness and partnership working with other advice agencies.

Residents who may be entitled to this reduction are encouraged to apply for the discount or seek further advice and support by contacting the Council Tax service on 01352 704848. There is an application form also available at

Residents can also contact the service by e-mail at

Commenting on the announcement, Councillor Ian Roberts, Leader of the Council, said: “We are very pleased with the current take-up of our discount schemes, including the discount scheme that goes a long way to help those residents with severe mental impairments.

“Despite the work we have always done to promote take-up, there is always further work that can be done to raise awareness and this initiative helps with that aim."

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