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Flintshire County Council wins at GeoPlace Awards

Published: 07/06/2019

At the GeoPlace Conference held in London recently, Flintshire County Council won: 

  • Best in Wales Region in recognition of the management of its address information database along with Conwy County Borough Council
  • Gold Performance Award in recognition of the way it manages its address information database
  • Gold Performance Award in recognition of the way it manages its street information database

The Best in Region Award is highly coveted and fiercely fought-for and the Gold Performance Award is a formal recognition of the valued nature of the authority’s addressing database and recognises the hard work and skill that goes into maintaining the highest standards in national tests on data excellence for a constantly changing dataset.  

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin, said:

“I must congratulate the hard work of our Address Custodian, Zoe Bowden, and Street Custodian, Sam Tulley.  Dedication and coordination are needed to create a seamless delivery of related services to the public because they all depend on accurate addressing. Land, property, street and address information is used to connect different services across the council, giving communities and individuals a ‘property level view’ of the services available to them. Without it, and without the work of Street and Address Custodians, we would not have the high quality data that is essential for the efficient and effective operation of those services in Flintshire.”

In announcing the ‘Best in Wales Region’ Award, Kerry Pearce, National Address Data Manager said:

"Flintshire has achieved the highest standard of address information data management in Wales region which deserves recognition on a national stage. Achieving this level demonstrates excellence and commitment to a process that brings local and national benefits."

The work of the Address and Street Custodians along with Street Name and Numbering Officers enables:

  • Emergency and care services to find a property quickly
  • Mail and goods to be delivered efficiently
  • Visitors to find where they want to go
  • Reliable delivery of services and products
  • Records of service providers to be kept in an efficient manner
  • Improvements in the quality of council tax and non-domestic rate records
  • Supporting departmental back office systems
  • Improved partnership working
  • Supporting evidence based decision making


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