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Prosecution of car wash business

Published: 24/03/2020

A car wash business in Flintshire has been ordered to pay a total fine of £3,193 for breaching nuisance abatement notices for causing both noise and water spray nuisances. 

The noise and spray were directly caused by jet washing and there was additional noise from valeting using two vacuum cleaners. The facilities allowed two vehicles to be jet washed at a time.

The two defendants Darren Davies, the site owner, and Mr Arram Mahmud, the car wash operator, both pleaded guilty to the breaches at Wrexham Magistrates Court on 17 March 2020.

After several warnings and further complaints, council officers witnessed the car wash operation causing the nuisances.

The defendants were both served with abatement notices on 13 December 2019 after officers warned them that they were causing a nuisance to the residential property next door. The noise nuisance was audible throughout the premises and both the water spray and noise made the outside patio and garden areas unusable.

The operations continued and a warrant was obtained to remove all noise making equipment from the premises, including two jet wash pumps and two industrial vacuum cleaners.

The magistrates ordered Mr Davies to pay a fine of £925 and Mr Mahmud was fined £2,790.  They commented that Mr Mahmud had a total disregard for the  law and his fine reflected this.

Andrew Farrow, Flintshire County Council’s Chief Officer for Planning, Environment and Economy, Andrew Farrow, said:

“Like all anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance can cause a great deal of distress.  I would like to thank our pollution control officers for their great work to restore some peace to the life of the affected neighbour.”