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Democratic processes

Published: 17/04/2020



During the current emergency situation, the Council has adapted its democratic processes so that urgent decisions can be made. We have introduced ‘Individual Cabinet Member’ decision-making so that such decisions are taken transparently and with due accountability. 

Three clear days before a Cabinet Member makes a decision, the Council will publish an agenda on the Council’s website ( with a report analysing the issues and making a recommendation.  Councillors and the public may then email any representations to the Democratic Services Manager, before the appointed date/time for the decision to be made, who will bring them to the attention of the Cabinet Member before the decision is made.

In the absence of the Planning Committee being able to meet, a process has been put in place which will allow urgent planning applications to be determined whilst physical meetings cannot take place.  Such applications will be determined by the Chief Officer (Planning, Environment and Economy) having taken into account the views of the applicant, members of the public, consultees, the Local Member and the members of Planning Committee members.  Any reports in relation to urgent planning applications to be determined will be uploaded onto the Council’s website, as will any decisions taken.