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Kendrick’s Field, Mold, vandalism

Published: 19/11/2020

Both damaged trees Kendrick's Field IMG_8001.jpgThe Mold community has been hugely dismayed this week to have two of the newly planted Liquidambar trees at Kendrick’s Field by Mold Town Park vandalised.

The trees were part of a county-wide tree planting scheme and a Mold Town Council drive to improve green spaces for everyone living in the area. 

They were planted with local volunteers in a collaborative project between Flintshire County Council, North Wales Wildlife Trust and Mold Town Council.  

Our local green spaces have been enjoyed by many people during the Coronavirus pandemic and their value as part of a green recovery over the following years will be even greater. The nine Liquidambar trees have displayed beautiful autumn colour this year and were becoming well established. 

The incidents have caused a great deal of upset in the community and Mold Town Council has received at least five kind offers of financial support to replace the trees.

The police have been informed about the incidents but if anyone has any information please contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


7 remaining sweet gum trees Kendricks IMG_8006.jpg








  7 remaining sweet gum trees