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Flintshire Wildflowers

Published: 09/05/2022

poppies dee park.jpgTo celebrate No Mow May we take you on a tour of our work to enhance wildflowers across Flintshire.

We now have over 100 sites across the Flintshire County Council estate which are managed for wildflowers and pollinators. We have a range of sites from naturally diverse sites, where we have started managing the sites to protect the existing wild seedbank, seeded wildflower sites, wildflower turf sites and wild flower plug planted sites. These are all of huge benefit to our pollinators providing stepping stones of habitat in the landscape.

We only have 1% of our traditional meadow habitats remaining in the UK. This is devastating for a habitat which is one of our richest in biodiversity. But this is also the reason we need to focus on habitat restoration going forward.

Managing our grassland habitats in the right way ensures that we not only support our pollinators but restore an ancient natural habitat and protect our native wildflowers.

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