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Special recognition for school transport escort

Published: 06/03/2018

Flintshire County Council has recognised a school transport escort who went above and beyond the call of duty to help a pupil in her care. Cheryl Woodfin, the mother of a pupil with a severe disability, raised awareness of the heroic actions of her son’s transport escort. Thanks to the care and professionalism shown by Ange Davies, Ms Woodfin’s son is now recovering after suffering a seizure on his way to school. The mother contacted her local councillor, Cllr Sean Bibby, to pass on her thanks for the escort’s conduct in assisting and helping her son, which she said was exceptional, and she had nothing but praise for the escort in what was quite a distressing situation and said the care she gives to her son every day is outstanding. The driver of the bus, Tony Martin, also deserves a mention for the care and support he gave on the day. Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Countryside, Councillor Carolyn Thomas, said: “We wanted to recognise the exceptional qualities of kindness, dedication and professionalism shown by Ange and Tony in their work; it was also important to hear that the training Ange had received from Flintshire County Council helped her in the situation. I very much enjoyed chatting with them and hearing about what they do; their enjoyment of looking after Cheryls son and the other children in their care shone through. Chairmans Consort Mrs Jean Lloyd, Councillor Carolyn Thomas - Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Transportation, Chairman Councillor Brian Lloyd, Ange Davies, Tony Martin, Cheryl Woodfin and Chief Executive of Flintshire County Council Colin Everett