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Holywell High Street

Published: 08/05/2018

Holywell Town Council is moving forward with the opening of Holywell High Street to allow vehicular access for an eight month trial period. This follows the completion of extensive work and consultation with the local business community over the recent months carried out by the Town Council, working in partnership with Flintshire County Council and the Holywell Business Group. Towards the end of the trial period, a community poll will be held to formally consult with residents, businesses and users to evaluate their views on the scheme. Holywell Town Council passed a resolution to trial the opening of the High Street and to hold the community poll at a later stage and the local county councillors fully support Holywell Town Council, Flintshire County Council and the business community in undertaking this process. The trial period starts on 8 May and will be closely monitored to ensure the safety of road and footway users, including a review of the effectiveness of the scheme and its impact on local businesses and the wider community. Enforcement measures will be implemented from the start of the trial with the Council requesting that everyone uses the street in the appropriate manner whilst respecting the traffic control measures and regulations. If the trial period proves to be a success, and after having given due consideration to the views of residents, funding will be sought by the partnership group to take the necessary steps for a permanent scheme to be implemented in the future, subject to a successful grant and funding application.