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Local Development Plan update

Published: 10/07/2019

The Council’s Cabinet is to be asked to endorse the content of the Flintshire Draft Deposit Local Development Plan 2015-2030 (LDP) and recommend its approval by the Full Council at its meeting on 23 July, to go out for public consultation

The LDP is the Council’s proposed land use plan which once adopted will then be used by the Council to guide and control development and to determine future planning applications.

To date the following milestones have been completed:

  • the development of a robust evidence base to support the plan
  • the submission and assessment of candidate sites
  • key stakeholder and public consultation on the Key Messages from the evidence base
  • key stakeholder and public consultation on the LDP Vision, Objectives, and Strategy Growth and Spatial Options – 2016
  • a consultation on the Preferred Strategy – November 2017
  • a call for and assessment of Alternative Sites as part of the Preferred Strategy consultation

This important council strategy and policy document sets out the planning framework in Flintshire and sets out the following aims:

  • to provide opportunities to deliver between 8-10,000 jobs by maintaining a viable portfolio of employment land, to support wider regional growth ambitions;
  • to provide for 6950 new homes over the plan period;
  • to facilitate the delivery of two long standing strategic site commitments at Northern Gateway and Warren Hall;
  • to locate growth sustainably in the County’s service centres and sustainable settlements, based on a settlement hierarchy;
  • to provide a pragmatic solution to affordable and specialist housing needs;
  • to minimise the need to amend Flintshire’s green barriers to facilitate sustainable development;
  • to ensure that sites are viable and deliverable, and that infrastructure is or can be provided to accommodate the planned growth.

Cllr. Chris Bithell, Cabinet Member for Planning and Public Protection said;

“After considerable hard work from officers and members over the last 4 years the LDP at this stage represents the culmination of the Council’s deliberation of the plan’s content as in effect, the Council is publishing its ‘sound development plan’ for public consultation.

“A comprehensive engagement programme was undertaken with stakeholders and the public at key stages of the process and subject to the approval of Cabinet and Full Council, a public consultation will run for a six week period from Monday 30 September to Monday 11 November.”

Following the public consultation the timetable for the plan to its adoption is as follows:

  • consideration of consultation comments and response by the Council: April/May 2020
  • submission of the LDP to Welsh Government for Examination: Summer 2020
  • formal Examination of the LDP: Autumn 2020
  • receipt of Inspector’s Report and Adoption of the LDP:  Summer 2021.

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