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Armed Forces Day 2020

Published: 23/06/2020

AFD-Logo-Welsh_2020.jpgFlintshire County Council is raising the Armed Forces flag in support of Armed Forces Week (22 June- 27 June).   

Reserves Day will be marked on 24 June. The Council recognises the valuable contribution employees who are reservists make to the Armed Forces, our community, our organisation and nation. We are proud to support Reserves Day. 

Reservists give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces, balancing their civilian life with a military career to ensure that should their country need them, they would be ready to serve as part of the military.

Flintshire County Council's Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Andy Dunbobbin, said:

"Our employees who are reservists play a vital role in our Armed Forces and make a significant contribution to operations in the UK and overseas. Just as important are the knowledge and skills they gain from the military which they bring back to Flintshire County Council. All our reservists give up their time to serve the nation. They do an incredible job and it is an honour to celebrate the work they do."

The Council is fully committed to supporting the Armed Forces community including reservists and were presented with the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award in November 2019. 

The Gold Award represents the highest honour in the scheme. To achieve the Gold Award employers must proactively demonstrate that the Armed Forces Community are not unfairly disadvantaged in the workplace.  The Armed Forces Community includes reservists, veterans and their families.

Armed Forces Day will be celebrated virtually on Saturday 27 June 2020.