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Tai Teg: opportunities to access affordable housing

Published: 09/09/2020

Working in partnership with local authorities and housing associations across North Wales Tai Teg is an established one-stop shop for affordable housing to rent or buy. 

People registered with Tai Teg have the opportunity to use one of several options to access a home that is cheaper than those available on the open market. 

Intermediate Rent offers a more affordable way to rent a home. Rents are usually around 20% cheaper which gives people the chance to save for a deposit to help buy a home in the future. Applicants need to be in employment or not totally reliant on benefits. 

Rent to Own helps people to buy the home they rent. A proportion of the rent paid is saved and the accumulated figure acts as a lump sum to contribute to a mortgage deposit to purchase the home. Applicants need to be in employment and able to access a mortgage. 

Shared Equity provides an opportunity for people to buy a home at a more affordable price. A purchaser buys a share of the home (usually 70%) through a mortgage or savings. The remaining 30% share is owned by the council or housing association. There is no rent to pay on the share you do not own. 

In Flintshire, over 20 affordable housing schemes across the county are currently advertised on the Tai Teg website. To register with Tai Teg (subject to eligibility criteria) or find out more about the homes available in Flintshire visit: 

Cllr. Dave Hughes, Cabinet Member for Housing said;

“Tai Teg provides informed, expert advice alongside practical and affordable options for people to rent or buy quality homes. I would encourage anyone seeking a new home in Flintshire to find out more about Tai Teg and what it can offer them.”