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Buckley town centre plans

Published: 16/09/2020

In Partnership, representatives from Flintshire County Council and Buckley Town Council together with local traders have formed a working group to explore potential highway and active travel improvements in and around Buckley town centre, whilst also improving the vibrancy and environment of Buckley.

The group was established to consider options for the potential de-pedestrianisation of the High Street and to develop a long term integrated transport strategy for the town. 

A consultation for the opening of the High Street to traffic has been deferred due COVID-19, however, as part of this project, a grant funding bid has been submitted to Welsh Government to carry out improvements to the surrounding area.

The first stage of this strategy involves linking Mountain Lane Primary School, Elfed High School, Southdown Primary School and Westwood Primary School to the town centre via active travel infrastructure. This includes signalising Mill Lane/Hawkesbury Road junction and widening Mill Lane to facilitate a shared use path and allow for the free flowing movement of traffic. 

The group are hopeful that this bid will be successful and will continue their work in developing strategies for the benefit of the town.