Anyone concerned about flooding in their area should contact Natural Resources Wales on 03000 65 3000

During a flood emergency

  • Try to stay calm and check on neighbours or any vulnerable members of your community. 
  • Listen to the local radio for up-to-date news on the flood. 
  • Don’t throw rubbish into watercourses or leave debris on the banks – it can add to the flooding problem. 
  • Ensure that you wear plastic / rubber gloves when handling affected items as floodwater can contain sewage. 
  • Switch off the gas, water and electricity if your house gets flooded. 
  • If road conditions permit and it is safe to do so, remove vehicles to areas unaffected by flooding; ask friends and relatives to use their parking facilities.
  • Store belongings upstairs or in a high place downstairs. 
  • If you live in a bungalow, caravan, prefab or any other dwelling without access to a second storey and you find yourself in difficulty, alert the emergency services so you can be evacuated. If you are able to self-evacuate and stay with family or friends, inform the emergency services so your location is known. 
  • If flooding traps you, stay by a window and try to attract attention. 
  • Obey road closures or advisory notices that are put out for your safety. 
  • Avoid moving water. Moving water only 6 inches deep can sweep adults off their feet. 
  • Don’t dispose of damaged goods until your insurers have had a chance to inspect them. 
  • Don’t use electrical circuits or equipment exposed to floodwater until checked by a qualified electrician.

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