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Newyddion Diweddaraf Cyngor Sir Y Fflint

Household Recycling Centres Update

Published: 04/06/2020

All five of our Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) in Flintshire have been open since 26 May operating under a temporary extension to their usual opening hours. 


From Monday, 8th June 2020, opening times for our HRCs will be changing to 09.00hrs until 18.00hrs daily. 


Again, we anticipate that demand will be high in the coming weeks and we ask you to consider whether your trip to the recycling centre is absolutely necessary.  Under the current guidelines, you should only make a journey to the HRC if your waste is causing a hazard to health and cannot be stored at home.


The safety of the public and our workforce must be protected, and the following safety controls will be in place at the centres:


• full compliance with all health and safety regulations and government guidance

• the availability of appropriate sanitation stations for site users and operatives

• social distancing measures for customers and operatives with no assistance able to be given to customers to remove and carry materials from their vehicles

• traffic management and control systems with limited numbers of vehicles allowed in at a time


We are also pleased to announce that we will be able to accept vans and trailers with permits from Monday, 8 June. The reintroduction of vans and trailers is the final phase of reopening the household recycling centres and residents with these vehicles will be able to access all sites from this date, as long as they are registered as a permit holder with Flintshire County Council and are carrying only household waste from the driver’s own private dwelling.


You may have to queue and we ask that you remain in your vehicle while you wait.  


On approach to the site, there will be a member of staff to help manage the traffic, and another controlling the gateway to the site. 


They will advise you when to enter the site and, provided social distancing is possible, guide you where to go on site.


You must follow their instructions at all times, as they are there to ensure that you and everyone else is kept safe.


The sites will have demarcation zones around parking bays and container access points to ensure that the 2-metre social distancing guidelines are maintained.


The sites will also be operating on a ‘one-vehicle-in-one-out’ basis.


Please note that as vans and trailers take significantly longer to empty and take up more space on site, the number of vehicles allowed on each site at any one time will be reduced accordingly. 


Please continue to follow social distancing guidelines and maintain a two-metre distance between yourself, staff and any other members of the public on site at the same time.


Please be patient with these new controls, and work with us to keep everyone safe. 


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